WebApp pipeline

Download this webcalculator or build your own. Check it into your favorite repository and setup a build for it.
Add the following MSBuild arguments:

And queue up a new build, you should see a *.zip file containing your website in your artifacts when finished.

The creation of a java web app requires just a few clicks.

  • Go to the azure portal
  • New -> Web + Mobile -> Web App -> Create
  • For Java: Open your Web App -> application settings -> Java version : Java 8, Webcontainer: Newest Tomcat -> Save
  • Click the Url at overview to visit your page
  • Now add some deploymentslots for dev, test, qa

Go to the automation script en use that in combination with the “Azure Deployment:Create Or Update Resource Group” like we did on the deploy to VM.

Add to your release pipeline the Deploy Azure App Service:

  • Choose your Azure subscription, earlier already setup
  • Choose your Appservice the one we just setup above
  • And release your webapp.