ALM by Erick Segaar


Shift left using Bicep

During the community call in September, #Bicep introduced the local registry to share your modules internally. This is a really important feature but where does it differ from existing Template Specs and how can you leverage this in an Enterprise to support your teams into easily adopting your latest changes with just a PR. Combining different tools and principles in enabling an important shift left from deployment to compile time.


Github composites added feature

As we know Github is the desired ecosystem for Microsoft as it comes to building and deploying your code. Wildly popular among developers in the open-source...


Discover precompiled function-apps

Within software development, it is common practice to create shared-code libraries. This helps you maintain your code better and reuse it in other places without the nasty copy-paste pattern. This can be done by simply adding a project reference or an artifact repository like NuGet. However, with Azure functions, this is a bit cumbersome and not well documented on how to achieve this.