Workshop azure devops pipelines (update)

Back in 2017, I created a workshop for continuous delivery with VSTS into Azure. That workshop is really outdated and could use a much-needed update. This is that update, the old one is removed.

When thinking about continuous delivery I think it’s good to focus on what we are trying to achieve here. It is not about using technology to chain everything together. It’s about reducing your own feedback cycle, gaining trust in the extra value you added to your product and want to deliver the best quality to your end users over and over again.

Using tools like azure devops greatly reduces the pain of tracking and maintaining changes. When you start by linking your commits to your work items you can now let your commit trigger a build with unit tests which lead to an immutable artifact you can use for deployment. You should take into account that you don’t want to change your artifact, but do want to change environment specific parameters. And of course, you need to validate everything you change so introduce smoke tests. By doing this all in azure devops you get some nice synergy and end to end traceability.

In the workshop, you also get some tips and tricks on how to keep your pipeline maintainable. You can try it out for yourself with this repo, and if you want to help out just submit a pull request.

Have fun!


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