Black screen laptop windows 10 when on AC power

After upgrading my laptop to windows 10 Enterprise everything worked fine. My laptop was on AC power all the time during the upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10. Everything went smooth just like I experienced on my desktops. My login screen appeared and I could use my normal cooperate credentials after about 4 minutes my screen went black but my laptop remained active.

What now, first thing I learned with windows is to reboot. So use ÿ + R to get the run menu and type “shutdown /s /f” and my machine turned off. After a 30 second wait I rebooted and was excited to see that the bios screen was showing and then the windows start screen and then … . .. Black, black again when I was supposed to see the login screen and the laptop still running.

Long story short, after searching online I only found examples of machines that turned off entirely or where a cursor was still showing. But when I picked up my laptop to go to a monitor on my desktop machine suddenly everything worked again. What happened, I unplugged the power cord and I was on battery power. When I plugged in my AC power again everything turned black. After that I tried a few thing but the silver bullet was to change the brightness setting for AC power, just put it on 99% instead of 100% and everything worked fine.

Oh well, I had an interesting evening uncovering this mystery maybe this blog can save someone that time.


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